Sabia in Fertilizer International

Sabia, a Serra Capital I portfolio company, had its X1-XP OnPipe Slurry Analyzer featured in the March issue of Fertilizer International. Sabia, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets, sells and services PGNAA (prompt gamma neutron activation analysis) instrumentation systems that provide customers with process improvements based on real-time materials analyses. PGNAA provides an analysis of element composition of bulk materials and is heavily used in industries such as cement manufacture, coal mining, and minerals mining. 

A case study summary block titled “PGNAA boosts phosphate plant efficiency” provides details of the SABIA slurry analyzers installed at a phosphate plant. This slurry case study is part of an article titled “Phosphate Process Analyzers” which offers an educated description of various technologies used for phosphate analysis including operational benefits.