OceanComm Brings Wifi to the deep ocean; Featured in ChicagoInno

OceanComm, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, was featured on ChicagoInno.com on March 8. OceanComm, the UIUC startup, has created a wireless underwater modem that unleashes robots from its cables and eliminates dependency on support ships. OceanComm’s modem not only dramatically brings down that cost, but can communicate data with faster  speeds and more efficiency than ever seen before. 

In light of a recent announcement from NASA on the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a dwarf star that could potentially support life, OceanComm expresses the need to focus on our oceans which have been drastically unexplored. Oceans comprise nearly 77% of the earth's surface, presenting a tremendous opportunity for OceanComm's technology to reveal answers on a variety of issues.

Source: http://chicagoinno.streetwise.co/2017/03/08/this-university-of-illinois-startup-is-bringing-wifi-to-the-deep-ocean/

Three Serra Companies Listed Among “Illinois Startups to Watch Outside Chicago”

The state of Illinois is often only viewed of in terms of what is happening in Chicago. However, tech and startup success is no longer solely defined by a location on a map. Champaign-Urbana ranks in the top 10 for venture deals per capita, and has a tech ecosystem with direct connections to Silicon Valley. There is a lot of innovation happening outside of Chicago.

On December 7, ChicagoInno created a list of start-ups to keep an eye on that are based outside of Chicago.  OceanComm, Agrible, and IntelliWheels made the list, each of which are Serra Capital portfolio and Champaign based companies.

Source: http://chicagoinno.streetwise.co/2015/12/0...