Featured in Chicago Tribune, a Serra Capital II portfolio, was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune on October 10. Albert has won over students and teachers alike through their personalized, interactive study guides that give real time feedback. It is a true study platform for high level math and science courses. Their aim is to provide helpful study guides not just for the ambitious high school student, but for future engineers, physicists, and mathematicians.  

The piece featured Albert's Science Content Manager Athena Tellis on her experiences working at the company and as a start-up employee. A former teacher, Tellis began working for Albert with the desire to wow kids with science. 

Source: Partners with Spell for Success, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, announced they would be partnering with Spell for Success, an online study tool that provides students with thousands of the most-frequently used words in spelling bees.  is a leading online platform that creates questions for various subjects like AP exams and the SATs. The Spell for Success team will reveal the result of this collaboration with on their website in January 2017.