ANDalyze Demonstrated its Water Quality Measurement Technology at WATEC

ANDalyze, a Serra Capital I portfolio company, demonstrated its water quality measurement technology at the Water Technology and Environmental Control (WATEC) Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel in September. 

ANDalyze has developed a superior methodology for detecting and quantifying analyte levels based on the discovery of the catalytic property of DNA (DNAzymes). This biosensor technology is a universal platform that offers a simple, fast, inexpensive, and reliable detection of trace metals and other analytes.



ANDalyze Featured On

ANDalyze, a Serra Capital portfolio company, was featured on on March 24. The company’s technology, DNAzyme water sensor, has completed testing by the USEPA for use in drinking water and environmental water.


ANDalyze Featured on

A wave of startup companies is rising up to address the growing need for wastewater treatment and monitoring solutions, part of a $600 billion industry. ANDalyze, a Serra Capital I portfolio company, was listed among the nine companies listed in the article “9 Startups Tapping the $600 Billion Cleantech Water Sector” on on January 22, 2014.