12 Labs CEO Featured in Tech.Co

Ashu Dubey, Co-Found of 12 Labs, a Serra Capital II company, was recently featured in a blog piece on Tech.Co. The article was titled "How to Build an In-House Data Science Team From Scratch." 12 Labs' flagship product is the Applause health app. Applause is the most effective tool in your battle to lose weight. (And unlike other weight loss programs, Applause fits in the palm of your hand). Applause uses data science algorithms and behavioral psychology to make suggestions and predictions specifically for you. 

Ashu Dubey is a product guy, hacker and data scientist all rolled into one. He is the co-founder of 12 Labs’ Applause, a data science powered weight loss application. At 12 Labs, he crunches data to help Applause users lose weight smartly and scientifically.

Source: https://tech.co/author/ashu-dubey