Hazel Technologies Shelf-Life Extender Results in Longer Lasting Apricots

Hazel Technologies, a Serra Capital III portfolio company, recently held a study on the effects of the company’s technology on the shelf life of apricots. The study found that Hazel’s shelf-life extender product significantly improved the longevity of the apricot’s freshness. Hazel Technologies is developing new solutions to reduce waste in order to improve the efficiency of the fresh produce supply chain. The Hazel® Product Line is a suite of packaging inserts that extend the shelf life of ethylene sensitive produce.

“We are extremely pleased to report that UC Davis researchers saw significant increases in apricot firmness, even after release from 20 days in cold storage,” Adam Preslar, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Hazel.

Source: https://www.andnowuknow.com/behind-greens/new-hazel-technologies-shelf-life-extender-results-longer-lasting-apricots-Adam-Preslar-Angelos-Deltsidis/jessica-donnel/61017