Serionix Featured in Crain's Chicago Business

Serionix, a Serra Capital I and III company, was recently featured in Crain's Chicago Business on July 6. Serionix develops high performance, affordable technologies for water and air purification. Using fibrous activated carbon and ion-exchange materials, Serionix purification is differentiated by rapid rates of contaminant uptake, well-defined selectivity for targeted chemicals, and potential for low-cost production. The inventors of this air filter continue to find new uses for it, from purifying the air astronauts breathe to eliminating the smell of cat urine.

Highlights from Serionix include a $750,000 contract from NASA to continue to develop filters for potential use in next-generation spacesuit life-support systems. The company has also received a total of $3 million in grants as well as more than $500,000 from its lead investor, Serra Ventures.