Serra Capital III Invests in WhiteFox Defense Technologies

Serra Capital III is pleased to announce its 13th investment in WhiteFox Defense Technologies. Drones pose a present and evolving danger to people and property. Mitigating a drone threat in any protection mission requires a dynamic and reliable kill chain response to ensure a controlled landing. WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. has developed a comprehensive, intuitive, portable drone threat mitigation device—the DroneFox.

Luke Fox, CEO of WhiteFox, says “WhiteFox is at a point of growth where our technology is critically needed and in high demand. Every DroneFox we sell will represent an entity being equipped to protect people and property from threats to security, safety, and even loss of life posed by drones. Our partnership with Serra will help us further accelerate delivery of this critically needed technology.”

“The team at Serra Ventures is honored to be partnering with Luke Fox and the executives over atWhiteFox Defense Technologies” says Steve Beck, Managing Partner at Serra Ventures. “WhiteFox has cracked the code on some seriously deep technology challenges to elevate protection capabilities for both the Department of Defense and the private sector in response to the ever growing threat of reckless and dangerous drone incursions. This technology is essential for both public and national security as well as the appropriate expansion of commercial drone use.”