Inprentus Demonstrates its Diffraction Gratings at Brookhaven National Lab

Inprentus, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, demonstrated its diffraction gratings at NSLS-II SIX Beamline at Brookhaven National Lab on May 9, 2017. The newly completed SIX beamline, a flagship experimental end-station at Brookhaven National Labs' cutting-edge NSLS-II synchrotron, turned on for the first time in February, reporting sharp imaging and high fluence of the X-ray light source - both properties made possible through the integration of an Inprentus blazed diffraction grating which was custom designed and manufactured for the SIX beamline.

Joseph Dvorak, an Assistant Physicist in the Beamline Research and Development Section at Brookhaven National Laboratory, stated the following: "High quality gratings are essential to our technique of soft x-ray energy loss spectroscopy.  Inprentus is supplying gratings for our advanced spectrometer at NSLS-II."