Agrible's New App Makes Drones Easy, Partners WITH ADM

Agrible, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, has had a busy month as it has just launched a new drone app, which works as a useful tool to help the farming community by giving users the power of aerial insights. Agrible supplies actionable predictive analytics tools to growers all across the United States and provides global ag data and support in over 80 countries.

Agrible has partnered with Crop Copter by using their UAV technology in the app, allowing users to see quickly how much damage a field has following a weather event or pest stress. The app then works with Agrible's flagship software, Morning Farm Report which is a suite of predictive analytics tools that give growers field-level insights about everything from when they can take equipment into the fields to how much nitrogen each field needs.

In other news, ADM, one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, has partnered with Agrible by offering their farmer customers a complimentary one-year subscription to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report.