Personalized Cancer Medicine Research Spearheaded by CureMatch Co-Founders

CureMatch, a Serra Capital III portfolio company, has recently had a study published in the International Computational Intelligence Book. Co-Founders Igor F. Tsigelny, Ph.D. and Razelle Kurzrock, M.D. along with colleagues from UC San Diego and University of Bergen have authored a personalized cancer medicine study examining activation of protein complexes utilizing an innovative 4D approach.

CureMatch is a digital health company focused on personalized medicine and combination therapy in oncology. Combination therapy has been used effectively in the treatment of other diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, and is considered by many to be the future of cancer treatment. CureMatch’s decision support system guides oncologists in the selection of combinations of cancer drugs that are personalized for individual patients, based on the molecular profile of the patient’s own tumor.

Dr. Igor Tsigelny says, "Until now, only static information of mutations has been used to predict functional changes of proteins. We propose to move to the next level and add flexibility criteria for a 4D approach."