Clarify Medical Announces Partnership With DermatologistOnCall

Clarify Medical, a Serra Capital III portfolio company, has partnered with DermatologistOnCall to to Innovate the Treatment of Chronic Skin Conditions. Clarify Medical  is a connected device that uses cutting edge LED technology to bring personal, private prescription phototherapy to patients with psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.

“We are delighted to be working with DermatologistOnCall,” said Charlene Kakimoto MD, Clarify Medical’s Chief Medical Officer. “More than 25 percent of the patients we’ve engaged with do not have a dermatologist, and have asked for our help in finding one. DermatologistOnCall will provide an ideal response for this ongoing need, especially in areas of the country where office visits involve long wait or travel times. Together we have a fantastic opportunity to improve care for appropriate patients with chronic skin conditions. Our Clarify CarePartners, through the Clarify App, will help make sure that busy practices are diagnosing patients and managing their care, not dealing with questions about home phototherapy.”