Event Communication Changing With LISNR's Audio Tone Technology

Serra Capital II company LISNR is quickly showing how audio tones are changing the way people communicate and interact with the events they attend. LISNR is a high frequency, inaudible Smart Tone technology; a new communication protocol that sends data over audio. It is a digital sound file that turns any speaker or piece of media into a beacon, working seamlessly across physical and digital spaces more effectively than all current solutions in the marketplace, most notably Bluetooth and traditional ACR.

In the past year LISNR's “Smart Tones” technology has been used at events such as Budweiser’s Made in America festival, the Grammy awards, and Cleveland Cavaliers home games. At Budweiser’s Made in America festival in Philadelphia in September, Lisnr’s Smart Tones were transmitted through the existing speaker infrastructure to send guests a variety of notifications in the event app. Examples included a welcome message as they arrived at the event, information about water station locations, and a discount for an Uber ride as they approached the exits.

Source: http://www.bizbash.com/how-audio-tones-are-changing-event-communication/new-york/story/32277/#.V0TMlpMrLBI