Serra Companies Honored at Innovation Celebration

Innovation Celebration provides recognition for individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions, taken risks, and provided leadership to ensure the continuing economic success of Champaign County, the ongoing success of the University’s economic development mission, and the growth of entrepreneurial talent and energy in our community. Several Serra companies came away with honors from this year’s celebration, held on January 22.

Inprentus, a Serra Capital II company, was the recipient of the New Venture Award. Inprentus has commercialized an innovative, dual-atomic microscope scribing technology, which is a technique for carrying nanoscale lithography via plastic deformation of metallic surfaces.

Other Serra-affiliated companies were honored at the Celebration. Mike Folk of HDF was awarded the Management Award. HDF is a Serra consulting client. Bioanalytics, a Serra consulting client, was awarded the Student Startup Award. Lastly, RINGR, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, was also a finalist for the New Venture Award.

Innovation Celebration is not merely an award for accomplishment, but a benchmark of success for those outstanding individuals, organizations and corporations who are nominated and selected to receive this prestigious award. Additionally, Innovation Celebration serves as a tangible collaboration between the University of Illinois, Parkland College and the community — one that clearly establishes the power of cooperation and a united vision.