Oso Technologies’ PlantLink Featured in Champaign News-Gazette

Oso Technologies, a Serra Capital I and II company, had its product “PlantLink” featured in the Champaign News-Gazette on Sunday, July 5.

PlantLink, the wireless soil monitoring system developed by Oso Technologies is now being sold at Home Depot stores and at homedepot.com. The article further explains the new changes in management for Oso as well as fellow Serra Capital I company, The Product Manufactory, being brought on to manufacture the hardware for PlantLink.

Mercedes Mane, the new CEO of Oso Technologies, states “Serra Ventures is still the biggest investor,” she said. “The Product Manufactory has substantial ownership as well now, but we retained all of the original investors. We are still looking to bring in new investment this year to help sustain the rapid growth.”