Nanomedical Diagnostics Launches New Graphene Biosensor

Nanomedical Diagnostics, a Serra Capital II portfolio company, has launched a new graphene biosensor with unprecedented functionality for small molecule and protein analysis. Nanomedical Diagnostics is a biotech company developing and commercializing bioelectronics for use in research and diagnostics.

Nano has completed its first AGILE biosensor Early Access Development Kit test with a lab at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. AGILE (Automatic Graphene Immunolinked Electronic) is the world’s first and only commercially available graphene biosensor. The tests resulted in novel measurements that could not be gathered using traditional methods.

University of Colorado Anschutz professor David Clouthier enthuses “this technology is a game-changer for developmental biologists. It opens the field of proteomics to a discipline that’s previously used just RNA data.”